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How It Works


The DSMART SmartRegister is a high end touch screen register system allowing stores to run their businesses to function more efficiently and make additional revenue. Our system includes 2 monitors: a touch screen monitor for the store owner/clerk and a large wide screen monitor facing the customer. The clerk enters each transaction, processes financial services and receives payment on one side with the touch screen monitor. On the other screen, the customers watch their transactions as they occur while at the same time seeing custom-designed ads based on their purchases and ads for services in their immediate surrounding areas. Promotional offers relating to the ads can be printed on the receipt at the end of each sale.



Systems like ours usually sell for thousands of dollars and cost thousands more in updates and annual fees. DSMART is able to place our DSMART SmartRegister in stores like yours at a fraction of the cost, or even for a low monthly lease, because we sell advertising on the “flip side” of the terminal along with providing seamless financial services like phone cards, top ups, and bill pay to your customers. So in effect, with no extra effort on your part, you’re selling ad space and financial services in your store and making more money for simply having the incredible DSMART SmartRegister. Talk about a Win Win!



While waiting to complete their transaction, the customers in our merchant locations are captivated by the DSMART high resolution ad screen. Presentation ads, from advertisers like you, can be customized and targeted to reach the demographics you are searching are shown at the time of check out. With real measurable results, a captive audience, and a solid ROI the DSMART ad network is here to here to help you increase your business.



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